Friday, June 19, 2009

He's just NOT that into you

IMDB rating for this movie is about 6. Hmmm.. That normally discourages me from watching a movie. But the name of the film, and more so the first few minutes intrigued me enough to go ahead. Well, I completely agree with the IMDB rating of this movie. It definitely isn't a regular IMDB 8 pointer. But despite that, I enjoyed it! I wish I had seen this movie as a teenager. How many "does he really like her? does she really like him?" discussions have I been a part of?!!

All in all, I would say watch this movie with your gal pals! And try to avoid watching it with your spouse ;)

[Spoiler ahead]
What lingered on in my mind was what Jeniffer Connely's marriage did to her. I distinctly remember her statement "I used to be a fun person you know". She seems so pitiable in that scene - all dressed up for her husband, trying her best to save their marriage; and her husband is distracted by the presence of his young and lovely mistress Scarlet Johansson. Its a scary portrayal of the seven year itch.
[/Spoiler ahead]

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