Monday, August 11, 2008


When I first read brief description of the story, I wondered how it is possible for the life story of Mozart to be an interesting one?
Geniuses like that, I mistakenly assumed, lead a lonely, work-filled life!
The truth couldn't be further from my imagination..
Mozart was a natural, effortlessly brilliant, and lead as colourful a life as Casanova :D
If, like me, you dont enjoy Opera, never mind, just fwd those scenes. But do watch the rest of the movie, just to appreciate the awesome performances by the 2 actors :)

Amadeus, Mozart's middle name, means beloved of God, which is so obvious once you have seen the movie!

Spoiler alert:
My favourite moment of the movie: Salieri toils for hours to write a composition for Mozarts welcome to Vienna. After listening to the piece only once, Mozart improvises, and in a matter of minutes comes up with a mind-numbingly wonderful rendition of that same musical piece!


I will inaugurate this blog with an account of a movie I saw most recently - Wall-e.
After stories starring all kinds of creatures - humans, mammals of all sorts, toys, fish, mermaids, beasts and what not, Pixar now brings on board - robots!
Though it is supposed to be a sci-fi film, the basic theme is what is common to most popular movies of all times - love.
Considering the cliched theme of the film I can safely use a cliched adjective that is used to describe such films - cute! Cute because of the kiddish infatuation that Wall-e has with Eve, because of Wall-e's relentlessness to pursue her and because of Wall-e's most awesome (replaceable) eyes!

Spoiler alert!
(for me) The best moment in the film is when Wall-e offers Eve bubble-wrap to burst. Utterly adorable!

Too many good movies..

.. too few seen.