Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slumdog millionaire

Directed by Danny Boyle, music by AR Rehman, starring Anil Kapoor.. If this sounds interesting to you, you should watch the movie.
Though it has as cliched a story line as it gets ('love', yawn), it paints a very different picture of the Indian slums. Definitely worth a watch!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pursuit of Happyness

This is a typical feel-good movie, but the most appealing part of the movie is the fact that it is based on a true life story.
Cliched as it may sound, for me the take-away from the movie is the dialogue between Will Smith and his son, when they are playing basket ball. Will Smith at first discourages his son from pursuing basket ball. However, he realizes his mistake soon afterwards and asks his son NEVER to listen to people when they tell you something cannot be done - because people cant do things and hence they tell others it cannot be done.
So true - never let people judge you. Trust yourself, give life your best shot, and wait for things to fall into the right place :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cinema Paradiso

A classic! About growing up, growing old, and never growing out of your first love :)
Hilarious, touching, nostalgia evoking at the same time.
[spoiler ahead]
For me the most amazing part of the film was the revelation that Alfredo did not tell Toto about Elena's visit before she left.
Sometimes we make choices for our loved ones, thinking we know what they want better than they do...
But then, isn't finding out what you want, and then pursuing it the best feeling ever?

Its funny how you can make choices for your loved ones with utmost conviction at times, and fail to make even the trivial-most of choices for yourself :)

Back to the main topic - this movie is a must-watch! (make sure you watch the longer 170 mins version, not the shorter 120 mins one)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Wednesday

What can be said about this movie without letting the plot away, apart from the fact that it is brilliant! Thought provoking, different and well made!
Given the racy movies that are released these days, surprise ends to movies are almost expected (much like surprise birthday parties ;) ).
But this one is different. It is bound to make you think.
Definitely worth a watch...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sophie's choice

Based on a novel of the same name, this movie is one of those you should watch when you aren't feeling sleepy.
Not that it is entirely too boring, but the movie is a long one!
Meryl Streep, the protagonist (i.e. Sophie) simply amazes you with her ability to flawlessly put on an accent of a woman who does not know English.
The theme (i.e. Sophie's predicament and the choices she makes) is different. But if you are looking for a movie full of fun and frolic, you might want to check out a Govinda film instead :)

Spoiler alert:
The haunting moment of the film is when she tries to make use of her fathers anti-semitic speech (which was the reason why she loathed her father in the first place!) to get out of the concentration camp.
I found it very weird how Sophie suddenly decides to spend the night with Stingo, after he proposes to her.
Women are supposed to be complex - but to men, not to fellow-women!

Monday, August 11, 2008


When I first read brief description of the story, I wondered how it is possible for the life story of Mozart to be an interesting one?
Geniuses like that, I mistakenly assumed, lead a lonely, work-filled life!
The truth couldn't be further from my imagination..
Mozart was a natural, effortlessly brilliant, and lead as colourful a life as Casanova :D
If, like me, you dont enjoy Opera, never mind, just fwd those scenes. But do watch the rest of the movie, just to appreciate the awesome performances by the 2 actors :)

Amadeus, Mozart's middle name, means beloved of God, which is so obvious once you have seen the movie!

Spoiler alert:
My favourite moment of the movie: Salieri toils for hours to write a composition for Mozarts welcome to Vienna. After listening to the piece only once, Mozart improvises, and in a matter of minutes comes up with a mind-numbingly wonderful rendition of that same musical piece!


I will inaugurate this blog with an account of a movie I saw most recently - Wall-e.
After stories starring all kinds of creatures - humans, mammals of all sorts, toys, fish, mermaids, beasts and what not, Pixar now brings on board - robots!
Though it is supposed to be a sci-fi film, the basic theme is what is common to most popular movies of all times - love.
Considering the cliched theme of the film I can safely use a cliched adjective that is used to describe such films - cute! Cute because of the kiddish infatuation that Wall-e has with Eve, because of Wall-e's relentlessness to pursue her and because of Wall-e's most awesome (replaceable) eyes!

Spoiler alert!
(for me) The best moment in the film is when Wall-e offers Eve bubble-wrap to burst. Utterly adorable!

Too many good movies..

.. too few seen.