Monday, April 12, 2010


The name of the film can either act as a deterrent or a catalyst for one to watch the film. But whatever be your expectations from this film, it is bound to have an impact.

Its a very cleverly executed film. Every choice the director has made (as far as the story is concerned) seems to be justified, and this fact comes to light only the second segment of the 3-segment film.

I loved the actors, the story, and well, the overall impact that the movie had on me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Hair

For me, this film is the scariest revelation ever!
It is an HBO documentary based on the $9 billion African-American women's hair industry.
To me it is a documentary that describes the lengths people can go to, the torture they can endure, to look good. No seriously, I used to think getting botox/implants was bad, but this, this is a lot worse - because this is a way of life - a means of "fitting in".
It feels good sometimes, to think that we don't have a similar peer pressure here in India. Or maybe thats just because I am in the software industry with very few girls.

[Spoiler ahead]
Tirupati is where they get most of their hair from. In America, these women are willing to pay through their noses for this hair, and in India - they are giving it all away for free - in the name of god! Unbelivably ignorant of Indians.