Monday, February 9, 2009

Luck by chance

There is a striking resemblance between this movie and Madhur Bhandarkar's Page-3. Both revolve around the lives of people in the show biz - stars and their tantrums, new comers, and the transience of their relationships. What sets this movie apart is the sensitivity with which the subject is handled... And the music... The songs fit in so perfectly into the movie!

[spoiler alert]
My favourite part of the movie is the dialogue between Konkana and Farhan at the end of the movie. When Farhan apologizes to Konkana, saying that he now misses Konkana's love and support for him (with Konkana touched to tears in the background), I was just about to dismiss the movie to be a typical cliche! But then wham comes Konkana's retort - 'Where do I figure in this equation? You are just here because you are guilty'. This practical outlook is probably what made me respect this movie. There was no hatred in her for Farhan at that point- just a plain no-nonsense, grounded outlook towards life. Hats off!
[/spoiler alert]

P.S. - I think Javed Akhtar has picked the most poetic names for his kids - Farhan (means merry) and Zoya (means alive) :)