Monday, January 24, 2011

March of the penguins

"In the harshest place on earth, love finds a way!". Let me warn you - this is heart-wrenching love story. Watch it to believe how much a species can endure for survival.

[Spoiler alert]
Penguins practice "serial monogamy" - meaning they are monogamous per season, or more specifically, per child. Which just means that every year, they 'sin' and then pay for it (by starving and taking care of the baby!!!), and then go back to their merry single ways at the end of the winter, all geared up to sin again next year :)


Neha Kalekar said...

love story...hmm...never thought of it as one

Prajakta Kalekar said...

Actually that is what the poster says! :)

Neha Kalekar said...

love story = story revolving around love...this was more about survival in a harsh environment and struggling against all odds to reproduce and continue the species