Sunday, July 18, 2010


I haven't been this confused by a movie, since Mullholland drive. It's going to take several viewings and even more review readings to understand the movie!
It's interesting, but to me, does not entirely live up to all the hype. Don't get me wrong, its certainly worth a watch, but perhaps not a 9.6 pointer as IMDB claims it is (as of yesterday).
But you know who is a 10 pointer - Leo :) My childhood crush never fails to impress! Be it Departed, Blood Diamond, Revlutionary Road, Aviator, Catch me if you can, Shutter Island or the evergreen romantic Titanic :)
Coming back to the movie - it introduces a new concept, perhaps the first major/noticeable one after Matrix. Its about sharing a dream space. Very interesting concept, equally well presented.
I dont think too many spoilers are possible for this one - because any spoiler would require so much explanation!!! :) But still, here's a small one:

[Spoiler ahead]
Some dialogues were just too funny:
- Cobb (Leo) to Eames when he is gambling with only 2 chips left in hand "Rub them all you want, but they are not going to breed"
- Arthur to Ariadne when people who are Robert's subconscience start staring at Arthur, suspecting him of being an intruder "Kiss me now". They kiss. And then Ellen says "They are still staring!". Arthur says "It was worth a shot"

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