Sunday, September 6, 2009


Its quite frustrating when you look forward to a movie, and don't get to watch it for months after its release (in this case due to the Swine flu scare). Not only do you not get to watch it, you also get to read reviews, which you try and skip.. But how do you escape status messages and tweets?? Well, finally the problem is solved - and I have watched the film! :)
Firstly, let me mention that I have a soft spot for actors with long hair, and I thoroughly enjoy fast paced films, and I loved Lock Stock.. So how could I not like Kaminey? So at the risk of angering all the Omkara and Maqbool lovers out there, I liked this film almost as much as Omkara, and better than Maqbool. There I said it..
Ofcourse, there are some minor flaws (eg. Charlie sings 'koudi kkoudi paisa paisa, paise ka khel' flawlessly, and Sweety speaks Marathi more like a convent-school-chi-mulgi than a marathi mulgi), but well, they are few, and possibly too well spaced out for me to take notice..

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