Monday, September 1, 2008

Sophie's choice

Based on a novel of the same name, this movie is one of those you should watch when you aren't feeling sleepy.
Not that it is entirely too boring, but the movie is a long one!
Meryl Streep, the protagonist (i.e. Sophie) simply amazes you with her ability to flawlessly put on an accent of a woman who does not know English.
The theme (i.e. Sophie's predicament and the choices she makes) is different. But if you are looking for a movie full of fun and frolic, you might want to check out a Govinda film instead :)

Spoiler alert:
The haunting moment of the film is when she tries to make use of her fathers anti-semitic speech (which was the reason why she loathed her father in the first place!) to get out of the concentration camp.
I found it very weird how Sophie suddenly decides to spend the night with Stingo, after he proposes to her.
Women are supposed to be complex - but to men, not to fellow-women!

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