Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year

The movie did not get very good reviews, but I decided to watch it none-the-less.
Interestingly, I found it more interesting than 3 idiots! *
I liked the overall theme, and loved Ranbir Kapoor in the film. And oh, the choice of songs at parties - 'Mai ek disco, tu ek disco, duniya hai ek disco... Disco '82!!!' Dill khush ho gaya ;) Ofcourse, the second half gets way too preachy and simply ruins the movie... But if you can ignore the stupidity of the second half, you might just like the movie.

[Spoiler ahead]
Ranbir Kapoor is a delight to watch, and the character seems genuine. The grey shades look good on him :) I did not like the sudden preachiness of the movie towards the end, and I so wish Shimit Amin could have thought of a better conclusion than projecting Mr. Puri as a villain, and Ranbir as a morally-pure hero.

*Not that 3 idiots was not good (its a wonderful mirch masala movie), but many of the jokes seemed cliched, and the attitude seemed a little weird - you cannot just walk into an interview, throw your weight around, and expect to get recruited! And you cannot ask your love interest to deliver your sisters child!! Anyway...

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