Monday, October 13, 2008

Cinema Paradiso

A classic! About growing up, growing old, and never growing out of your first love :)
Hilarious, touching, nostalgia evoking at the same time.
[spoiler ahead]
For me the most amazing part of the film was the revelation that Alfredo did not tell Toto about Elena's visit before she left.
Sometimes we make choices for our loved ones, thinking we know what they want better than they do...
But then, isn't finding out what you want, and then pursuing it the best feeling ever?

Its funny how you can make choices for your loved ones with utmost conviction at times, and fail to make even the trivial-most of choices for yourself :)

Back to the main topic - this movie is a must-watch! (make sure you watch the longer 170 mins version, not the shorter 120 mins one)

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