Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Hair

For me, this film is the scariest revelation ever!
It is an HBO documentary based on the $9 billion African-American women's hair industry.
To me it is a documentary that describes the lengths people can go to, the torture they can endure, to look good. No seriously, I used to think getting botox/implants was bad, but this, this is a lot worse - because this is a way of life - a means of "fitting in".
It feels good sometimes, to think that we don't have a similar peer pressure here in India. Or maybe thats just because I am in the software industry with very few girls.

[Spoiler ahead]
Tirupati is where they get most of their hair from. In America, these women are willing to pay through their noses for this hair, and in India - they are giving it all away for free - in the name of god! Unbelivably ignorant of Indians.

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